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3 Simple Tips For Improving the User Interface of Your Site


The quality of users’ experience with your website is the deciding factor of its success. If visitors are able to use your site quickly and without problems, they are likely to return. On the other hand, if your site is confusing and frustrating to use, they’ll be happy to find a better one. Your user interface can make or break your website, so here are some tips to ensure that yours is the best it can be.

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Comment and Re-Tweet to Win $100 worth of custom stickers from Sticker Mule!



If you missed out on the first amazing giveaway package from Sticker Mule over on Brusheezy, stop your fretting! They're back with yet another super stickery giveaway. They've recently totally revamped their already stellar site and want to celebrate that relaunch with all of you!

Who is this awesome company, you ask? Sticker Mule prints custom stickers and has a whole lot of love for graphic designers. They'll print your designs in full color on high quality vinyl, and die cut them to any shape. They'll even help make your artwork press ready for free and send an online proof with every order.

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Pattern Design Contest! Win a copy of Seamless Studio and 50 Eezy Premium Credits!


Today we are excited to announce a new giveaway from our friends at ColourLovers.com. They have just created and launched an awesome tool called Seemless Studio. It's a desktop Mac/PC app that makes it simple to design great-looking seamless vector patterns...

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Threadless Coupon and Book Giveaway!!


We've teamed up with the awesome clothing company, Threadless, to bring you a huge $30 coupon you can use to buy your favorite Threadless shirt or hoodie! Threadless just had their 10th anniversary, and to celebrate, they printed this awesome 10th Anniversary Book that we're also giving away!!

*Update - This contest is officially over and the winners have been announced!

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Introducing Eezy Premium

When I first launched Brusheezy back in 2006 it was just a simple gallery of photoshop brushes. Nothing more, nothing less. A few months later I teamed up with Kennon and redesigned the site and launched Vecteezy as we expanded into vector graphics. As the sites slowly continued to evolve and grow, we realized we needed to do a complete overhaul and launched the redesign you're looking at right now. We added user accounts, cleaned up the interface and made it much easier to share and promote your freebies. It's always been a work in progress as we've continued to refine the system making it as simple as possible.

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How To Make Vector Halftone Gradients

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create your own custom vector halftone gradients. These are great for use in backgrounds and pattern fills. They can even be made into vector brushes and will conform to the shape of curves that you draw. This is the same method used to create the Gradients 001 Vector Set on TheVectorLab.

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